​​​​How to Select a Sunroom

At our meeting we will ask you a lot of questions. You may already have decided on some details, but we will cover all the bases to be sure we know what you need and want in your new sunroom.

Deciding room size

What size is the right size? How will you use this room? How much space is enough without enclosing the entire back yard?

Determining the right design

​A floor plan that utilizes as much of the house wall as possible is more economical and usually more aesthetically pleasing. Also, consider property setback requirements in deciding where to locate your sunroom. Next, the decision on architectural design. We supply every project with a  CAD (computer animated design.) How will the roof lines meet? Does the architecture of the existing home limit possibilities? Together we'll come up with workable plans.

Choosing the right type of room

Your needs and local climate will direct this decision. Will you be using your sunroom for three seasons or all year round? Here in Middle Tennessee you will want protection from the sun,rain, insects, plus an occasional snowfall and temperatures below freezing. Insulated glass with vinyl window frames is recommended. For use of the room in all seasons we also recommend a wall system that incorporates a thermal break to allow heat retention in the winter.

Color Coordination

Can the product you are considering be color coordinated to match your home?

Electric Outlets

​Will the electrical outlets be surface mounted or U.L. Approved internal electric?

​Choosing the right contractor

All Seasons Sunrooms LLC is the exclusive authorized dealer and distributor in Middle Tennessee for Sun Room Concepts. We are licensed, insured and experienced. Call us today!

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